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Best butt workout for women #14 Clamshell Right | Bigger Butt is Easy
May 20, 2020    04:09 PM
Best butt workout for women Clamshell Right can be seen as a secret to tone your butt sexier. In order to maximize its effectiveness, it's necessary to do the proper work and always contract the glute muscle so as to fire up the excessive fat, together with make all buttock fibers more toner and rounder.

How to do butt workout for woment effectively at home with CLAMSHELL RIGHT:
- Reps: 20
- Sets: 3
- Lie down on one side on an exercise mat. Support your head on the left arm. Flex the hips at 45 degrees and bend your knees at 90 degrees, your feet are together. The right hand are placed flat on the mat.
- Now push your top knee up over the midline and the right hip if possible. Always keep two feet together and contract your butt at all times.
- Pause at the top for 1 second, then slowly lower down to the starting position.
- Repeat for the recommended amount of reps.

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