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Best Glute Exercises for Women with Sarah Godfrey | Myprotein
May 20, 2020    04:09 PM
Who doesn't want a great bum? Sarah Godfrey goes through her favourite glute exercises that you can try out to help firm up and shape your glutes.

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Glute kickbacks - for this exercise you need the cable machine with an ankle attachment. Always start off with a light weight to make sure you are comfortable. Place your hands on the machine in front (make sure it's not on any moving parts) and kick your leg back, feeling the contraction in your glutes.

Goblet squats - you will need a dumbbell or kettlebell. Position your feet slightly outside shoulder length with your feet slightly turned out. Holding the weight in both hands with your arms straight, squat down as low as you can with your feet flat on the floor .

Hip thrusters - you'll need an olympic bar and maybe the padding as well if it feels uncomfortable. You need to have the top of your back and shoulders on a bench and feet on the floor, the bar should be across your hips. Thrust your hips up so they are in line with your shoulders.

Step-up with knee raise - you will need a bench and two dumbbells. Holding the weights in each hand, step up onto the bench and back down again. You can then swap legs or complete a set on one leg and then swap.


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