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TOP 5 Glute Isolation Single Leg Exercises for Women | NO Equipment
May 20, 2020    04:09 PM
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Wanna hit those GLUTES without hitting the legs using ZERO equipment? Do these 5 glute ISOLATION body weight only exercises like Vania and tighten and tone up that butt in 30-Days!

Physique Coach and WBFF Competitor Vania Bradway demonstrates 5 of the best isolation single leg exercises using ONLY her body weight. These moves will help you develop and grow those dormant glute muscles without really hitting the legs very hard and YOUR BUTT is gonna burn....that's a promise!

Unfortunately, you’ve been LIED TO about how to train your body’s BIGGEST muscle… And it's cost you in your performance, your health and even how you look.

I'm talking about your glutes.Your glutes are your body's most powerful muscle, yet they're also the most misunderstood.

To fully develop your glutes, your training needs to focus on two elements: 1) glute-specific movements and 2) targeting all three muscles, with all three exercise strategies in all three planes of motion.

Here are the 5 exercises, in this order:

Single Leg Glute Bridge
Single Leg Hip Thrust
Side Plank Kicks
Donkey Kicks - shown with alternative option (bent knee kick hold)
Clam Shell

By far, the biggest myth holding you back is that squats, lunges and deadlifts are GLUTE exercises. They’re not. They’re leg exercises that also hit the glutes. They can activate the glutes incidentally, but they're all about the legs.

If you want stronger glutes, why aren’t you doing glute isolation exercises like this? Use these exercises to successfully target your glutes and start developing them immediately!

Please leave any comments or questions you have below in the comment section, we'd love to interact with you and help you on your journey to better glutes and improved health and fitness!


The #1 Exercise to Develop a Rounder Stronger Butt

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